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18 Dec Need Water Heater Repair?
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Need Water Heater Repair? If you're experiencing inconsistent water temperature, a lack of hot water, unusual sounds, or rust in water, it may be time for hot water heater repair. Contact us at 305-367-3225 so we can help! Looking for water heater r..
17 Dec Is Your Garbage Disposal Having Issues?
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Is Your Garbage Disposal Having Issues? Get Garbage Disposal Repair Looking for garbage disposal repair because your unit is having issues? The most common problems affecting garbage disposals include jams, leaks, clogs, unusual sounds, and loss of p..
16 Dec Are Your Drains Clogged Call Seaway Plumbing!
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Tired of Slow Drains? Are Your Drains Clogged? When your home drains clog-up, it can be stressful, stepping into a shower that fills with water as you bathe.If you have a clogged drain that won't seem to go away, our drain cleaning services may be th..
11 Nov Happy Veterans Day 2019
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From all of Us at Seaway Plumbing, Happy Veterans Day!  We thank you all Veterans for the service and sacrifice they gave, protecting the United States of America. Today and Everyday we are grateful for the Freedom we have by all who served our count..
26 Oct Get 10% off at Seaway Plumbing!
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New customers can get 10% off at Seaway PlumbingSeaway Plumbing is offering new customers 10% off* their second paid plumbing service. To qualify, simply use the promo code "New2Seaway" during your first paid plumbing service. Seaway staff will updat..
12 Aug What is a Grease Trap?
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What is a Grease Trap?Recently, we published a post on the Homestead Station plumbing project. A few people have asked, "What is a grease trap?". Simply put, a grease trap is a large underground container designed to collect waste from drains and all..
05 Jul Key Largo Plumbing Services | Nearby Keys Plumber
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Key Largo Plumbing Services Get plumbing services by one of Seaway Plumbing's Key Largo plumbers near your area.Seaway Plumbing provides Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services throughout South Florida.Providing top-rated plumbing services and sol..
14 Jun Miami Plumbing Services | Nearby Miami Plumbers
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The Best Miami Plumbing Services Get plumbing services by one of Seaway Plumbing's Miami plumbers near your area. Seaway Plumbing provides Residential & Commercial Miami Plumbing Services throughout South Florida.Providing top-rated plumbing services..
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Is it time to have your plumbing system and fixtures inspected? You may have clogged drains, a broken water heater, or a sewer line that is starting to leak. Fortunately, you have a reliable South Florida plumbing team covering throughout Miami and the Florida Keys. Seaway Plumbing, Inc. has been the preferred contractor in Key Largo and surrounding areas of Miami since 2002.

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Looking for professional drain cleaning services?

Professional drain cleaning is an effective way to keep your pipeline working smoothly. If you have a clog that won’t seem to go away, our drain cleaning services may be the solution you need.

We will help you get rid of multiple clogged drains in your home or business, as well as water back-ups. Poor water pressure is another sign that drain cleaning may be necessary.

Your Seaway technician will first determine the source of the drain problem. Once we locate the affected area, we will carry out the ideal method of repair. Depending on the problem, we will use a drain snake or more advanced drain cleaning with  hydro jetting technology.

What are signs you need water heater repair?

Your water heater is one of the more costly appliances to replace. This is why we recommend calling for professional repair of your water heater as soon as problems occur.

Contact us for help if you notice the following:

  • Inconsistent water temperature

  • Lack of hot water

  • Unusual sounds

  • Rust in water

If you notice that the tank has started to leak or is corroded, contact us right away. We will need to replace your water heater; repairing a leaking tank is often ineffective.

Why is annual backflow testing important?

Annual backflow testing is required by the local municipality if your property has a backflow device installed. Because these reduced pressure zone devices are used to keep unsanitary water from entering your potable water supply, it is imperative to have them inspected every year to make sure they are working properly. Annual backflow testing helps ensure the safety of your water supply, as well as that of your community.

What is the advantage of sewer line video inspection?

Sewer line video inspections reduce the need for exploratory excavation to locate sewer line problems. You won’t have to see your lawn destroyed as we identify the problem area. The entire process is handled through a few small access holes.

Whether you have a small problem or an emergency, count on Seaway Plumbing, Inc. for the right solution. Receive unparalleled customer service from start to finish when you call today at 305-367-3225.