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Slab Leak Repair

Is your home’s foundation damaged? You may have a slab leak. Contact your slab leak repair experts. Immediate service and quality solutions when you call 305-367-3225.

Underground leaks can create costly water damage. Since these leaks are out of sight, most property owners do not realize the problem until the water is actually forming puddles in the home. To stay ahead of slab leaks, be on the lookout for the warning signs detailed below. If you suspect a problem, call your local slab leak repair team at Seaway Plumbing, Inc. Click here to see how we have helped your neighbors out of their plumbing disasters.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak occurs in the pipes contained underneath the concrete slab of your home’s foundation. While these leaks are often difficult to notice at first, certain signs should alert you to the problem.

Slab leaks are particularly dangerous due to their location in the foundation. Their potential for extensive water damage is significant, so all leaks should be addressed immediately upon discovery.

How do slab leaks form?They often occur due to the reaction between the copper piping and the concrete slab. This can cause the pipes to flake and become brittle, making them prone to leaks. Ground shifting can also cause slab leaks to occur as the pipes buried in the foundation shift and change position.

What are the problem signs?

Suspect a slab leak?

Look out for these signs:

  • Sudden puddles on your lawn

  • Hot spots on your flooring

  • Sound of running water

  • High water bill

  • Water meter continues to move even if all water is turned off

Call your Seaway plumber for immediate service if you notice these problems or more.

How can we help?

Seaway Plumbing, Inc. has the tools and equipment to solve any slab leak problem. A common solution is rerouting the pipes to go through the ceiling rather than below the floor. An alternative is to go directly to the problem and replace the affected pipe. Video inspection is often used in conjunction with this method to pinpoint the location of the leaking pipe.

If you suspect a slab leak in your home, call us right away. Slab leaks are urgent problems that require immediate attention. When you call us for help, you can expect a complete solution that includes getting to the source of the problem so further problems do not occur.

Solve your slab leak problem the first time. Seaway Plumbing, Inc. is the Key Largo slab leak repair team to call. Contact us today at 305-367-3225 for flat rates and quality results.

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