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At Seaway Plumbing, we take pride on making sure all of our clients fully understand everything regarding their plumbing projects. If you have any questions, see below first to see if you find what you are looking for. If not, simply call us or contact us online to help with any question you have.

Common Questions Regarding Plumbing and Plumbing Services

A slab leak occurs in the pipes contained underneath the concrete slab of your home’s foundation. While these leaks are often difficult to notice at first, certain signs should alert you to the problem.

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RPZ testing checks for common RPZ device problems, like a drop in water pressure. A foreign substance can keep the preventer from working also. Other problems involve in-ground sprinklers. Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property manager, you will need an RPZ device to keep your main water supply from being exposed to back-flow and should be tested on a regular basis.

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It’s easy to spot a leaking faucet or toilet. But leaks from pipes within your walls or under the flooring are more difficult to spot without more advanced detection devices. However, there are signs you can look out for to catch these hidden leaks before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your property. Higher water bills, Sound of water running continuously, Hot spots on your flooring, Damp spots in unexpected areas of your home, to name a couple.

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Schedule the repair or installation of a water heater by contacting us. Your Seaway plumber will make sure your water heater repair or replacement complies with all local codes. We do everything we can to provide the best service possible so you can enjoy a hot shower, do the laundry, or wash the dishes without hassle.

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One of the greatest benefits of tankless water heaters is their ability to supply hot water on demand. Tankless water heaters do require larger electrical currents to heat water quickly, less power is used overall than a tank that holds water idle for most of the day. With a tankless water heater, you can immediately enjoy hot water from any faucet in your home.

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YES. We offer emergency plumbing services 24-hours a day! Our on-call plumbers and technicians are available throughout Miami and Monroe County. Whether your emergency is a water leak, a gas leak, a pipe that burst or any other plumbing emergency service. Our fleet of professional plumbers can service most places in South Florida. Whether you are in Miami or the Keys, Seaway Plumbing likely has a nearby plumbing technician.

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We offer Commercial Building and Residential Bath and Kitchen remodeling and construction throughout South Florida.

Areas in Miami include Kendall, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, Homestead and more.

We also provide remodeling services throughout the Florida Keys like Key Largo, Marathon, Big Pine Key, Islamorada, Tavernier and other Keys. Click Here to Learn More our Plumbing Service Areas 

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Contact Seaway Plumbing to find the best water softener solution. Our professional plumbers make sure your system is installed properly and efficiently. Get your water softening system installed properly by a plumbing professional the first time.

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It can be difficult to notice problems in your sewer line. However, with professional video inspections, you can see for yourself the damage inside the pipes. A sewer line video inspection allows us to identify problems without having to dig up your sewer line. This service helps you save on costly repairs on your lawn.

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Solve your clogged toilet problems. Persistent clogging can become a headache and disrupt your normal routine. Our local clogged toilet repair team is ready to completely remove any clog or blockage and help you avoid further problems. Stop dealing with poor toilet functionality.

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It can be difficult to notice problems in your sewer line. However, with professional video inspections, you can see for yourself the damage inside the pipes. A sewer line video inspection allows us to identify problems without having to dig up your sewer line. This service helps you save on costly repairs on your lawn.

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Yes. Seaway Plumbing works together with clients from beginning to end. Once ready to create an order, we will activate an account for you to login and select your items for the plumbing project.

Seaway Plumbing accepts most major credit cards, wires transfers and checks.

Estimated delivery / installations vary due to items used like faucets, fixtures and related plumbing parts from specific quality brands. Once you have selected your  parts and completed the purchase, your dedicated plumbing representative will inform you of the ETAs.

Return policies vary based on plumbing products / manufacturer. Please consult your dedicated Seaway Plumbing Professional to inform you of the return policy on your selected products.

Seaway Plumbing provided dedicated local delivery of plumbing orders and shipments.