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Seaway Plumbing, Inc. is a South Florida based plumbing company. 

Professional plumbing repairs and plumbing installations in Miami (Kendall, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, South Miami...) and Keys Plumbers (Key Largo, Marathon, Islamorada, Tavernier...). Miami repair plumbers daily as well as Key Largo plumbers. Plumbing services locally nearby. 

Top-Rated Plumbing Company You Can Count On

Let Seaway Plumbing handle all your plumbing services. Plumbers at Seaway plumbing have been providing plumbing repairs and plumbing solutions in South Florida since 2002. Our fleet of plumbing services vans provide plumbing services 7-days a week repairing and installing all types of plumbing requests in Miami and the Florida Keys. See our vans throughout Key Largo, Marathon, Islamorada and Keys like Marathon. If you are looking for a plumbing company in South Florida, call to get quality plumbing services and solutions anywhere in Miami and the Florida Keys

20 Jan Looking for Backflow Testing and Certification Experts?
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Backflow Testing and Certification Experts in South Florida Let Seaway Plumbing handle your Backflow Testing & Certification. Call Seaway Plumbing today at 305-367-3225. Free estimates and quality backflow installation, repair and certification servi..
10 Jan Has your garbage disposal run its course?
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Looking for the Best Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in South Florida? Call Seaway Plumbing for garbage disposal repair and replacement. Plumbers available throughout Miami and the Upper Keys. Get quality garbage disposal repairs Miam..
07 Jan Don't want to deal with that clogged toilet yourself?
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Let Seaway Plumbing Repair Your Clogged Toilet Professionally Call Seaway Plumbing to schedule a plumber in Miami or in the Florida Keys. Let one of our professional plumbers permanently fix your clogged toilet issues!Miami plumbers and in the Florid..
06 Jan Water Softener System Installation and Repairs
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Water Softener System Installation and Repairs South FloridaOne of the primary benefits of water softeners is that it makes it easier to clean your dishes and clothes, plus, showering becomes a much more pleasant experience. It can be frustrating to ..
05 Jan Water Heater Repairs throughout South Florida
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The Best Water Heater Repairs throughout South Florida. We do everything we can to provide the best service possible so you can enjoy a hot shower, do the laundry, or wash the dishes without hassle! Plumbing technicians will inspect, fix and replace ..
31 Dec Happy New Year! | Seaway Plumbing
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Happy New Year from Seaway Plumbing! We wish everyone the best for this New Year. Start your bucket list early and make sure your home plumbing is in order. Call Seaway Plumbing today and schedule a plumber to repair and identify any unknown plumbing..
29 Dec Professional Bathroom Renovations in South Florida
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Professional Bathroom Renovations in South Florida A bathroom renovation is no small project. Working with professional gives you peace of mind knowing job will get done. Call Seaway Plumbing at 305-367-3225 and speak to one of our bath remodeling ex..
26 Dec DIY Tips for Plumbing and Water-Consuming Appliances
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DIY Tips for plumbing and water-consuming appliances Keep your plumbing and water-consuming appliances clean and running efficiently. If you need a plumbing pro, call Seaway Plumbing. We are always here to help keep your plumbing running smoothly! Cl..
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Is it time to have your plumbing system and fixtures inspected? You may have clogged drains, a broken water heater, or a sewer line that is starting to leak. Fortunately, you have a reliable South Florida plumbing team covering throughout Miami and the Florida Keys. Seaway Plumbing, Inc. has been the preferred contractor in Key Largo and surrounding areas of Miami since 2002.

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Looking for professional drain cleaning services?

Professional drain cleaning is an effective way to keep your pipeline working smoothly. If you have a clog that won’t seem to go away, our drain cleaning services may be the solution you need.

We will help you get rid of multiple clogged drains in your home or business, as well as water back-ups. Poor water pressure is another sign that drain cleaning may be necessary.

Your Seaway technician will first determine the source of the drain problem. Once we locate the affected area, we will carry out the ideal method of repair. Depending on the problem, we will use a drain snake or more advanced drain cleaning with  hydro jetting technology.

What are signs you need water heater repair?

Your water heater is one of the more costly appliances to replace. This is why we recommend calling for professional repair of your water heater as soon as problems occur.

Contact us for help if you notice the following:

  • Inconsistent water temperature

  • Lack of hot water

  • Unusual sounds

  • Rust in water

If you notice that the tank has started to leak or is corroded, contact us right away. We will need to replace your water heater; repairing a leaking tank is often ineffective.

Why is annual backflow testing important?

Annual backflow testing is required by the local municipality if your property has a backflow device installed. Because these reduced pressure zone devices are used to keep unsanitary water from entering your potable water supply, it is imperative to have them inspected every year to make sure they are working properly. Annual backflow testing helps ensure the safety of your water supply, as well as that of your community.

What is the advantage of sewer line video inspection?

Sewer line video inspections reduce the need for exploratory excavation to locate sewer line problems. You won’t have to see your lawn destroyed as we identify the problem area. The entire process is handled through a few small access holes.

Whether you have a small problem or an emergency, count on Seaway Plumbing, Inc. for the right solution. Receive unparalleled customer service from start to finish when you call today at 305-367-3225.