Learn 3 Health and Safety Hazards to Avoid by Calling a Plumber

At some point in the life of your plumbing, something will clog or leak at the worst possible moment. You’re on your way out for a business trip, or the in-laws are coming in for the holidays; you need a quick fix and you’ll take care of the plumbing issue properly later.

But how much time and money does that quick fix really save?

Here are three dangerous plumbing mistakes that cost you more than they save.

The Chemical Unclog

Using a chemical to unclog a sink may seem like a quick fix, but chemicals only clear out the surface clogs. Deeper clogs may exist that only partially clear and then hold the chemicals within the clog.

This actually allows a clog to build up, causing corrosion to pipes. This will result in costly repair and replacement of pipes. This can be avoided by calling in a professional to properly clear out the clog and save you the cost of replacing your plumbing.

The Wrong Size or Type of Repair

Another dangerous plumbing mistake is attempting to fix a plumbing problem with the wrong size or type of materials. A quarter of an inch really does make a difference when it comes to plumbing. Trying to use connectors or pipes that don’t fit can lead to damage to fixtures, walls, and floors through breaks and leaks.

This can lead to corrosion or flooding. Avoiding this damage is simple. Rely on a licensed plumber to make repairs with the right size and types of materials for your plumbing needs.

The Makeshift Tool Plumbing

A repair may seem easy enough to do it yourself. Then you find out that you don’t actually have the right tools to do the job. You save time by using what you have on hand. Using the wrong tool doesn’t save as much as you may think, though.

Improper tools can lead to leaks and possible flooding. This can result in replacing more than just plumbing. Carpet and other flooring, furniture, and drywall and moldings may have to be replaced when leaks and flooding occur. This can easily be avoided by leaving plumbing repairs to the professionals.

All three of these problems are a snap to avoid. Keep away from corrosion and costly repairs by calling on a professional plumber to quickly and responsibly perform your plumbing repairs. You’ll end up spending less time and money in the long run.

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