Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing This Spring 

Taking the time to clean your plumbing this spring will have far reaching financial benefits for you as a homeowner.

While many appliances in the home are overlooked until they experience issues, by taking the time to do some preventative maintenance each spring you will reap the rewards for many years to come. Here are the top 5 tips for cleaning your plumbing this spring.

1. Freshening Up the Garbage Disposal

Chances are you do not notice the garbage disposal is not working efficiently until it stops working. To help improve the odors emitted in the sink and to help clear the drain of clogs, chop the peels of an orange or grapefruit into small chunks.

Place a few in the disposal and turn and flush with water. The acidity of the fruits will leave a pleasant smell in the kitchen and will help keep the inside of the drains clear.

2. Cleaning the Sink Traps

Under the sinks are elbow shaped pipes that are called the traps. This is where food, grease, and oils that wash down the drain get stuck by gravity. The trap is simple to access and clean, and will help keep contaminants from clogging over time. Place a bucket under the trap, loosen the two connections, then scrub clean the interior of the pipe.

3. Improving Water Flow in Shower Heads

When hard water flows from the shower head it can cause the small openings where water flows to become clogged. The more of those openings that become clogged, the less effective the shower head will perform.

Rather than wash the shower head while on the pipe, simply unscrew it and soak it overnight in a cleaning solution. This will allow the solution to penetrate those tiny holes and improve the flow of water in the shower.

4. Clearing the Sink Screens

Water flow in the sinks will diminish significantly if the small screens are full of dirt. Unscrew the screen from the end of the sink fixture and run under water to clean. Replace and your water flow problems in the sinks will be gone.

5. Scrubbing the Shower Drain

Each time you take a shower, hair, soap, and other contaminants go down the drain and can lead to significant clogs if not maintained each spring. Open the drain screen and clear out any debris trapped inside, then scrub with an organic cleaner so any other particles easily flow down the drain and do not lead to future clogs.

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