DIY Tips for plumbing and water-consuming appliances 

Keep your plumbing and water-consuming appliances clean and running efficiently. If you need a plumbing pro, call Seaway Plumbing. We are always here to help keep your plumbing running smoothly! 

Clean Garbage Disposal

Use cold water when running the disposal. To clean garbage disposal unit:

  • Pour a small amount of dish soap down the disposal with cold water.
  • Egg shells can help scrap away the grime along the walls of the disposal.
  • Do NOT throw expandable foods (breads, pastas, etc) or fibrous foods (celery, corn husks, etc) down the disposal
  • Citrus peels can be in a running garbage disposal for a fresh odor
  • Crushing up ice cubes in the disposal help keep the blades sharp

Clean Shower

To clean shower-head, follow these steps:

  • Using a small amount of vinegar, pour into a plastic bag and rubber band the bad around your shower head. Leave overnight. This will clean mineral deposits left behind from your water, maintaining optimum water flow
  • Take a dish sponge that you can fill with dish soap and fill it will half distilled vinegar and half dish soap instead. Keep this sponge in your shower for easy cleaning of your shower door and walls.

Clean Toilet

To clean toilet inside: 

  • A worn out flapper could be the cause of a running toilet. Replace it with a new one but, don’t forget to shut the water off to the toilet first!
  • The chain connecting to your flapper might not have enough slack in it causing your toilet to run. Adjust the chain so it reaches the flapper when closed and add just a slight bit of slack too.
  • Using lemon juice can help scrub away at stains in your toilet
  • Pour in some liquid laundry detergent around the inside of your toilet bowl. Let sit for 45-mins to an hour, scrub, flush, and you’ve got yourself a clean toilet! 

Clean Dishwasher

To clean dishwasher:

  • On the bottom of the dishwasher, pour about 2 cups of vinegar (distilled) and run on low cycle.

To keep your plumbing and water-consuming appliances clean and running efficiently, remember these tips! In case it gets out of hand, call Seaway Plumbing to have one of our plumbing pros visit your home today! Seaway Plumbing is a top-rated local plumbing service South Florida company.