What is a Grease Trap?

Recently, we published a post on the Homestead Station plumbing project. A few people have asked, "What is a grease trap?". 

Simply put, a grease trap is a large underground container designed to collect waste from drains and allow separation of inert waste, fats, oils and grease from regular liquid waste. A standard type of grease trap has two separate compartments within the main tank. Internally there are two inner tanks that filter and connect to each other. Once liquid reaches the second tank, it connects to the main outgoing pipeline and connect to the sewer lines.

The waste that collects in the tank rises to the top and needs to be pumped out and disposed of properly on a regular basis.

Recently we spoke about the Grease Trap installation at Homestead Station in Homestead, Florida. Click here to read about the Homestead Station plumbing project.

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