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Do you need professional drain cleaning?

Timely drain cleaning helps your plumbing system stay in top condition. If you start to notice slow drains, low water pressure, wastewater backing out of your sink or shower, or have trouble flushing your toilet, you may need professional drain cleaning. Plungers and chemical cleaners can only do so much for the short term. Expert drain cleaning services will completely remove clogs and blockages so you don’t experience further problems.

Have a plumbing emergency?

Plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect it. If you have a burst pipe that is threatening to flood your home, make sure to turn off the main water valve before doing anything else. This will help stop the flow of water and provide relief until we arrive. If your home has started to flood, shut off the electricity to avoid shocks or electrocution.

Seaway Plumbing, Inc. provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Whether it’s a burst pipe, leaking water heater, or leaking sewer line, we are there to help no matter the time or day.

What are signs you need water heater repair?

If your water heater is not working properly, it means more than just a cold shower; your dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances may also be affected. Here are some of the warning signs that indicate water heater repair is necessary.

Rust in water: This occurs when minerals from untreated hard water accumulate in your water tank. When this happens, the tank will corrode and rust, affecting your water quality.

Inconsistent water temperature: You may notice that your water is not as warm as usual or fails to heat at all. This is a sign that the heating element has burnt out.

Unusual sounds: If the water heater is making strange sounds, such as clanging or cracking, contact us for an inspection. This often signals sediment accumulating in the tank. We will flush the tank to help prevent corrosion.

What are the benefits of sewer line video inspections?

Do you suspect a problem with your sewer line? With a video inspection, we can quickly reveal the issue without having to dig up the line itself and ruin your yard or lawn. Sewer line video inspection will allow us to identify cracks, clogs, tree root problems, or leaking in your sewer line. This is an accurate process that provides real time footage of what is causing your sewer line problems.

This is what you can expect with a sewer line video inspection:

  • Confirm the status of a newly cleaned or installed pipeline
  • Safe on all pipe materials
  • Cost and time savings by isolating the exact location of the problem
  • Accurate picture of the current condition of sewer line

Looking for backflow testing experts?

Is your property required to install a backflow preventer, or a reduced pressure zone device?

This device helps prevent backflow from entering your potable water supply. As a result, annual testing is necessary to make sure your device is working efficiently. Backflow testing is important as a preventative measure. It helps prevent contamination in your drinking water supply that can lead to illness in your home or around the community. If your device passes the annual test, it prevents potable water from mixing with contaminated water.

Seaway Plumbing, Inc. provides professional backflow testing services and will handle the paperwork involved. A properly working RPZ device will not only keep you safe from harmful water, but it will also help maintain the water quality in your greater community as well.

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